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Benefits of Forest School

Forest School offers children holistic learning opportunities, and is particularly effective at promoting children's personal, social and emotional development. Within the Forest School environment, children build relationships with their peers and familiar adults, as well as developing their confidence and independence as they engage in activities and explore the environment.

of children feel outdoor learning is more enjoyable.
of children feel happier and healthier.
Statistics from the Irish Forest School Association.

Self-esteem and confidence

Visiting the woodland gives children opportunities to develop a 'can do' attitude. Trying new things and having time for free play and exploration develops children's positive feelings about themselves and their capabilities.

Knowledge and understanding

Regular visits to the woodland across the year gives children opportunities to observe changes in the environment. Having direct, hands on experience with plants and wildlife fosters children's connection with nature, supporting them to become our planet's next protectors.

Language and communication

Spending time in the outdoor environment offers ample opportunity for new vocabulary to be introduced to children. Forest School activities give children time to interact with children they may not with in the school environment and practice communication skills.

Motivation & concentration

In the woodland environment, children's learning is based on their own interests and curiosity. This intrinsic motivation supports children's level of engagement and supports their desire to learn, now and in the future.

Social skills

Spending time in the outdoor environments supports children to manage and develop relationships with children and adults. Have time to work in groups and negotiate supports the development of emotional literacy.

Physical skills

Outdoor play supports children's fine and gross motor skills. They have opportunities to move and play physically - picking up small items from the ground, sorting, spinning, climbing and digging etc.