Who We Are

We are Manor House Forest School based at the Quex Park Estate in Birchington,

 and have brought the wonderful world class Scandinavian concept of forest school to our 7-acre woodland site.

Working directly with schools and their children, we bring subjects alive such as maths, science and literacy through ‘hands-on’ learning activities such as shelter building and woodland crafts.

This helps children develop their self-esteem, confidence, language and motivation and improves their health. Which in turn, engages learning, helping children back in the classroom and in the real world.

Our site lends itself perfectly to adventure days for grown ups…

As children we all used to play outdoors, that’s how we learnt about ourselves. Sadly there has been a serious decline in the amount of outdoor playtime for children, which could have long term, detrimental effect on children’s behaviour, weight and well-being

Why should the children get all the fun?...