Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions relate to the Forest School service provided at our sites located in Kent. In booking this service it is deemed that you have read and accepted the following terms.

Provision of Service.
The Forest School practice is delivered by a qualified Forest School leader who is qualified to minimum level three and has certification in outdoor paediatric first aid. All Forest School sessions are pre planned and risk assessed to comply with health and safety regulations and established working practices. All Forest School staff hold current CRB advanced disclosure certification which are monitored and updated on an annual basis. The content, length of session and any other aspects of service provision are at the sole discretion of the Forest School leader; in the interest of safety matters their decision is final.

Requirements for Participation.
It is a fundamental requirement of Forest School practice that all participants are equipped with suitable clothing at all times. It is the participant’s sole responsibility to ensure that they have as a minimum the following items in order to take part in a session.

1. Sturdy waterproof boots or Wellingtons
2. Two pairs of socks
3. Sturdy/substantial full length trousers, Jeans etc.
(no shorts)
4. A long sleeved top
5. A long sleeved fleece type jacket/overcoat
( waterproof preferred)
6. A woollen Hat (Especially in Winter)
7. A pair of Gloves (Especially in Winter)

Accidents/ Incidents
In a perfect world there would be no accidents, however some times things do happen unexpectedly and action to remedy must be taken. In the event of any accident/incident the overall responsibility and decision making process will be solely with the Forest School Leader. All our staff are fully trained and qualified and as such will confidently handle any situation that may arise. However, should an incident/accident occur that is outside of the capabilities of our staff we reserve the right to act without further authority, in the best interests of the person(s) affected. This also includes the administration and application of First Aid, removal by ambulance to Hospital or any other matters that may arise.

Booking and Reservations.
Bookings for Forest School sessions can be made by telephone, email or post. We require the name of the person making the booking along with the names and ages of the participants. A deposit is payable at the time of booking and this will amount to 50% of the initial total, the balance of the account will be payable no later than one week prior to the date of the reserved session.
Should session(s) be reserved within a one week period of the proposed start date of the session(s), then the full balance of the account will become payable immediately at the time of booking.
Manor House Forest School do not provide any credit facilities or services on account and no request for the same will be accepted. All bookings and reservations are accepted on the understanding that should matters outside of our control become apparent, I.E extreme weather conditions etc.., we reserve the right to vary, alter, adjust or ultimately cancel the reserved session, all possible steps will be made to inform the customer of any variation and where possible will endeavour to re book at a time convenient to all parties. Should it not be possible to re book a session due to Forest School diary capacity, then a full refund of fees will be made. Should a re booking of the cancelled session not be possible due to a date not being available from our customers side, then a partial refund of 80% of the amounts paid will be returned

Manor House Forest School reserve the right to take any photos and/or recordings of Forest School sessions, we further reserve the right to exclude any/or all other such actions from being taken by anyone other that Manor House staff. A participant authority sheet must be completed and signed prior to the session commencing; these will be provided by the forest school leader on the day of the session.

Publication Rights and Obligations.
Any photographic images and/or recordings of Forest School sessions taken by Manor House Staff remain the property of Manor House Ltd. Clients may, for a small fee, purchase photos of their sessions,(subject to disclosure approvals being met) approx one week after the session date. Manor House Forest School reserve the right to use any such images and/or recordings in their promotion/advertising campaigns in the future. Any person who does not wish for their images to be used in this manner can request their removal by writing to the Forest school leader directly at the Manor House Forest School address, all such requests must be made within one week of the end of the reserved forest school session date.

Client Conduct
Manor House Forest School staff are committed to providing a fun and professional service to our customers and will always communicate with our customers in a professional and polite manner. In return we expect our customers to behave in an appropriate manner at all times, we will not tolerate the use of bad language, intimidating or threatening behaviour either towards our staff or the children in our care. Should an incident arise where there is cause for concern over the behaviour of any of our customers or their friends/relatives during a session, we reserve the right to terminate the session immediately, there will be no recourse for refund or re booking of sessions under these circumstances.

Insurance and Liability
All activities conducted under the name of Manor House Forest School are protected and insured under specialist insurance policy. We are covered for both public and employer’s liability so clients can rest assured that all eventualities are covered. The liability of the Forest School practice does not cover the personal belongings of any individual taking part in any session reserved, therefore it must be fully understood that we are not responsible for the loss, damage or destruction of any personal goods however so caused. All activities undertaken at Forest School are done so completely at the individuals own risk.

Complaints Process
Any complaints regarding Forest School sessions and practice should be directed initially to the Forest School Leader, Mr Stuart Welby. Should you not be content with the result of this enquiry you may escalate your complaint by writing to the company director Mr Sean Sheerin. Your complaint will be read, assessed, and replied to within two weeks of the date of the complaint letter arriving at Forest School. The decision of the company director will be deemed to be final and any course of action decided will be instructed immediately.

Either party may terminate this Agreement by giving to the other notice in writing no later than 28 days before the scheduled start date of the reserved sessions. Termination by the purchaser will result in a cancellation charge of 25% of the total Booking Fees plus a reimbursement to Forest School of all costs incurred to the date of termination, payable in full by the purchaser on the date of termination. For the avoidance of doubt, a termination notice received by the Company later than 28 days before the scheduled start of the campaign will result in the entirety of the session(s) Booking Fee (s) becoming due and immediately payable.

Should any sessions be cancelled by Manor House Forest School by reason of safety, normally due to high winds / adverse weather, then reserved sessions will be re allocated to forthcoming dates at the discretion of the Forest School leader.

Payment of Fees
The payment of all fees relating to Forest School reserved sessions, can be made using the following methods:

•  Bank Transfer : Sort Code: 403202   Acct: 41500341

All outstanding amounts must be paid no later than one week prior to the commencement of reserved sessions, should payment not be received within this time then all reserved sessions will be deemed cancelled. Clients are reminded that if paying by cheque, adequate time must be allowed for clearing of funds, the above timeline will prevail.

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