Coastal School Leader

Become a Coastal School Leader

Take advantage of the miles of gorgeous coastland Kent has to offer, and become a fully qualified Level 3 Certificate Coastal School Leader with Manor House Forest School. It’s the perfect qualification to fully embrace outdoor learning in Kent.

We provide advice and guidance and see you through to the end of the Award with full support. The training is held at a local beach in Westgate, Kent, but we’re happy to consider other beach locations around East Kent (numbers dependent!)

Level 3 Certificate in Leading Coastal School.

This OCN 5-unit course is for people who wish to become Coastal School Leaders and/ or set up their own coastal school, and is a nationally recognised qualification.

Skills & Understanding Gained

  • • Understanding theories of learning, play and development and issues that can impact behaviour

  • • Understanding of how holistic development, self confidence and emotional literacy are supported by outdoor learning.

  • • Understanding the ecology of a natural learning environment and the sustainable use of natural resources

  • • Ability to assess and evaluate outdoor learning programmes

  • • Ability to teach practical tasks such as the use of hand tools, tying knots, building shelters and campfire management

  • • Ability to produce all the policies, procedures and strategies required for setting up a Coastal School.

  • • Understanding the specific impact of weather and tides on the coastal environment


  • 1. Level 3 supporting learning, play and
    development in the outdoors

  • 2. Level 3 observation and evaluation of
    outdoor learning

  • 3. Level 3 sustainable use of natural resources

  • 4. Level 3 teach outdoor practical skills

  • 5. Level 3 Coastal School Leader

The course is 5 full days of theory & practice, 2 further days of practical
assignment, and 1 day observation of your own sessions.