Parents' Workshops'

"We think what you provide is amazing!"
St. Mildred’s Primary School

As every parent knows, spending
quality time with our children is
so important.

Manor House Forest School have created the perfect activity.
What could be better than few hours of fun in the Forest with
your Mum or Dad?

We have a beautiful and inspirational dedicated 7 acre woodland site at the prestigious Quex Park Estate in Birchington.

 It’s surrounded by open pasture, and has a mixture of mature trees and newer growth, containing horse chestnut, ash, sycamore, yew and oak and a lovely full canopy during the summer. It’s a magical place for children and parents to explore! We have many species of plant and wildlife such as moles, frogs, pigmy shrews, peacocks, squirrels, foxes and rabbits.

Within the three hour session you’ll be climbing trees, building dens, cooking over a camp fire, making tools, making whistles, enjoying treasure hunts and bug-hunting.

The qualified Manor House Forest School Practitioners are often male and are on-hand to help support Mums and Dads in developing purposeful play with their children outdoors. The session promotes communication and interaction along with useful skills and ideas for games and activities. Positive and creative play will result in a rise in confidence and self esteem.