One Day Class Trips

"An amazing educational experience
for all children. It really helps to develop the confidence, resilience and engagement of children in a way they love"
Wendy Stone | Headteacher Minster C of E Primary School

What could be better than a whole
day of fun in the Forest?

At Manor House Forest School, we have a beautiful and inspirational dedicated 7-acre woodland site at the prestigious Quex Park Estate in Birchington.

It’s surrounded by open pasture, and has a mixture of mature trees and newer growth, containing horse chestnut, ash, sycamore, yew and oak and a lovely full canopy during the summer. It’s a magical place for children to explore!

We have many species of plant and wildlife such as moles, frogs, pigmy shrews, peacocks, squirrels, foxes and rabbits.

Bring your children for an exciting one-day class trip with adventures, team games, treasure hunts, bug-hunting, zip-wiring, den-building, cooking over a campfire, playing in a mud kitchen, making tools, making jewellery and class challenges.

If you don’t have your own school transport, then we can collect your children in our minibuses -15 children per bus with 2 adults – (maximum of 30 children minimum of 8). Bring two of your class teachers to add to the Forest School fun and don’t forget your packed lunch and drink!

At the end of the day we’ll take your exhilarated children back to school clutching all the treasures they’ve made and a wonderful certificate to show to Mum and Dad!!

What the children won’t realise is, that amongst all that fun, they’ve learnt valuable
life skills and we’ve helped enhance the development you wanted to target.