Children's Winter
Explorer Programme

Our Children’s Winter Explorer Programme is designed to help keep children active, encourage strong healthy immune systems and provide an active approach to education in the winter months, with a focus to help schools deal with many day-to-day issues such as:

Poor Attendance

Children that are regularly exposed to dirt, germs and common outdoor bacteria in nature, are less likely to develop allergies and autoimmune disease, therefore helping support schools tackling poor attendance due to ill health.

Sleep & Weight Related Issues

The recommended amount of exercise per day for a child is 60 minutes. Those spent outside in the colder temperatures get more exercise as their bodies work harder to stay warm. They also use more muscles, which encourages development and physical health, with the added benefits of maintaining a healthy weight and promoting better sleep.

Teamwork & Problem Solving

Cold and wet weather provides children with challenges to overcome physically and cognitively. Simple lessons come as they learn to navigate slippery surfaces and avoid objects. Other problem-solving activities such as building a fort using mud, sticks and leaves, or learning at what temperature water freezes, also helps children work as a team, forming close bonds with their class mates and teachers.

Concentration & Motivation

Research shows that outdoor activities can lead to improved academic performance by increasing the blood flow to the brain, heightening alertness and mental focus. New and fun experiences help children’s creative thinking, improving their ability to concentrate
and absorb information.

What’s involved?

6-week tailor made forest school programme at our 7 acre woodland site at Quex Park Estate, Birchington

January to March | 2-hour session (10am – 12noon or 1.00pm - 3.00pm)

Scavenger hunts obstacle courses den building zip wiring visit to on-site farm exploring the woodland gain an understanding of plants, animals and insects in the winter

Creative writing opportunities De-stress during exam times Mini bus transport available to and from school Hot chocolate for each child Children’s Winter Explorer Certificate for each child on completion of their 6-week programme.

We have an on-site Scandinavian log cabin for teachers to enjoy a hot cup of tea and allowing an opportunity for their PPA

How much is it?

0-10 children

£12 per child

11-15 children

£9 per child

16-30 children

£6.50 per child

How do I book?

01843 227 764