What is Forest School

"Accelerated learning in a
natural environment!"

Forest School is based on a Scandinavian concept of embracing the outdoors,

giving adults and young people a wonderful and rare opportunity to enjoy nature and the outdoors in a hands-on woodland environment all year round, and in all weather.

Benefits of Forest School

Sadly, as a society, we now spend less time outdoors, and are often disconnected from nature. Young people today also spend a great deal of time on technology, and as a result may have issues with self-esteem, communication, mental health
and well-being.

Forest school provides a calm and safe environment for young people to learn new skills, make different friendship connections and build healthy relationships with teaching staff. Being in a woodland environment also has a proven calming influence on all age groups; therefore forest school is a natural antidote for many of today’s problems and anxieties.

Activities such as shelter building, zip wiring, cooking over the campfire, working with tools, survival skills and flora and fauna identification help young people deal effectively with pressures like bullying, decision making and dealing with trauma.

Sessions can be bespoke to requirements including team building, role-play, physical challenges, problem solving tasks and creative and communication activities.

Students will learn positivity and the benefits of working together, encouraging each other, healthy competition and valuing diversity among their peer group. They will learn valuable life, social, and survival skills therefore becoming more able to tackle physical tasks

Literacy, maths and science can be included within sessions, with positive effects having lasting results back in the classroom, at home and in the wider community.