Challenges You Face & How We Can Help

"Connecting young people with nature"

Young people today are
disconnecting from nature!

The challenges that young people face today can lead to poor behaviour, poor attendance, eating disorders such as obesity or bulimia, mental health problems and even self harm.

Children transitioning from primary to secondary education can feel nervous and anxious in their first year, and during the later years of senior school, pupils are also under incredible pressure with revision and exams. 

Bullying is another problem that some secondary schools face, and finding ways to tackle all of these issues can be tough for schools to manage.

At Manor House Forest School we fully recognise the challenges you face, so our fully qualified forest school practitioners will work with you, and the curriculum, creating tailor made sessions over a number of weeks, to develop emotional literacy and intelligence, to instill resilience and confidence, whilst encouraging decision making, self control and team building. 

Our 7-acre woodland site at The Quex Park Estate in Birchington is blessed with a huge variety of plants and wildlife, offering a natural learning environment for young people.

As the weeks go by, and your students
begin to reap the benefits of their sessions,

we hope to see an improvement in self-control, stress, anxiety and social skills, improving communication both with their peers and teachers.

We can also design sessions for your high achievers and gifted and talented young-people, helping them to be more challenged, encouraging them to develop socially and instil motivation, with the aim of improving their exam success and their relationships at school. The not-so academic learners can become inspired to pursue a career outdoors, or with animal care, farming or horticulture, or in becoming a forest school leader themselves.

We can start those learners on their own journey and qualification by providing OCN accredited and certificated courses at Level 1, aged from 14 years, Level 2, from 16 years, and Level 3, from 19 years.