Outdoor Space Consultation

"Having an outdoor space consultation allowed us to see clearly how we could
maximise the learning potential of our school environment."
James Williams | Head teacher at Garlinge Primary School and Nursery

Make the best of your playing fields and grounds with our outdoor space consultation!

Our fully qualified and experienced head practitioner,
Stuart Welby, will visit your school personally spending time evaluating your grounds.

Based on your school’s vision, he’ll explore ways for you to enhance cross-curricular learning and the positive, social and emotional benefits of outdoor learning.

The consultation will provide you invaluable qualified knowledge and insight, in to the flora and fauna at your school. Using best practice guidance, your school can enhance and develop its outside spaces to raise the standards of outdoor play for a range of ages.

Included in the price is the on-site school visit, followed by a full and detailed report of how improvements can be made to reach your desired outcome, with a suggested list of resources and layout to meet the needs of your students.